2022 General Election Candidates


County-Wide Elections


Harlan County Judge Executive

 R - Dan Mosley |                         

Harlan County Sheriff

   R - Chris Brewer | D - Mike Lunsford

Harlan County Jailer

R - B.J. Burkhart |                          

Harlan County Clerk

 R - Ashley Sullivan | D - Donna Hoskins 

Harlan County Attorney

R - Fred Busroe |                         

Harlan County PVA (Tax Commissioner)

R - Felicia Wooten-Tamme |                                          

Harlan County Magistrate, District 1

R - Clark "Sparky" Middleton |                                             

I - Robert Matthew Napier

Harlan County Magistrate, District 2

R - Bill Moore |                       

Harlan County Magistrate, District 3

R - Paul Louis Browning | D - Russell D. Huff        

Harlan County Magistrate, District 4

           R - Jim Roddy | D - Lonnie Adkins Jr.

Harlan County Magistrate, District 5

R - James F. Howard | D - Travis Hensley   

Harlan County Constable, District 1

R - Tony Noe |                      

Harlan County Constable, District 2

R - Scotty Moore | D - Clyde Payne 

Harlan County Constable, District 3

R - Dale R. Halcomb Jr. | D - James Ray Boggs    

Harlan County Constable, District 4

R - Steven Ray |                       

Harlan County Constable, District 5

R - Robert Haywood |                                

Harlan County Coroner

   R - John Derrick Noe | D - Emanuel Mason Jr.

Harlan County Surveyor



City-Specific Elections


Mayor: City of Evarts

Eddie Manning

City Council/Commissioners: City of Evarts

Helen Renee Doan

Jaysin Stallard

Jacqueline Renfro

Larry Caudill

Ernie H. Woodward

Preston McLain

Charlie Couch



Mayor: City of Loyall

Clark Bailey Jr.

Danny Glenn Perkins

City Council/Commissioners: City of Loyall

Trenna Cornett

David C. Lewis

William Epperson

Elvin Smith



Mayor: City of Harlan

Dakota Hensley

Joe Meadors

City Council/Commissioners: City of Harlan

Jeanne Ann Lee

Tyler Frazier

Timothy W. Howard

Jeff Phillips

Jason Childers

Mary "Anne" Hensley

Justin Luttrell

Charles Bailey


Mayor: City of Cumberland

Arthur Daniel Miller

Jonathan Franklin

Charles Raleigh

City Council/Commissioners: City of Cumberland

Dustin Siler

Brooke Siler

George Powers

Jacob Lee Doyle

Naomi Dixon

Robert "Tommy" Jenkins

Jordan Blair

Jonathan David Fields

Teresa Polson Raleigh

Tracey Tackett

Elana Scopa Forson

Tyler Blair

David C. Dixon

Randall "Corky" Tackett



Mayor: City of Benham

Chad Morgan

Danny Quillen

City Council/Commissioners: City of Benham

Emogene Halcomb

Bradley Scott Sherman

Ryan Cope

Kristen Simpson

Devin Watts

George C. Massey

Savannah Sergent


Mayor: City of Lynch

Justin L. Wren

City Council/Commissioners: Lynch

Rochell "Sissy" Rutherford

Bennie V. Massey

Mark E. Hudack

Hal Thomas Woods Jr.

Leslie J. Young

Roger A. Wilhoit


Boards of Education


Member, Board of Education: Independent School District

Will Miller

Debby Howard

Tammy Phillips

Virgil Eversole III

Member, Board of Education: 4th Educational District

Lavonda Pennington

Wallace R. Napier

Member, Board of Education: 5th Educational District

Scott W. Sherman