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     2020 Primary Election Information

Due to the pandemic, our Governor has postponed Primary Election Day to June 23, 2020. Knowing that the majority of our poll workers are in the vulnerable, at-risk category for Covid-19 and the required training is not a possibility at this time, he worked with our Secretary of State to create an Executive Order that changes the manner by which this election will be conducted.  Using the Executive Order, the State Board of Elections created emergency regulations and procedures to follow.  The postponement, executive order, and regulations were all created so that this election can be safe, secure, and successful. The following is a summary of how we will conduct the 2020 Primary Election in Harlan County:

  1. A post card will be sent out from the State Board of Election to all registered voters informing them of the changes and how to get a ballot. Cards will begin being mailed out on May 22, 2020.  (please make sure your voter registration address is correct by going to or calling us to check). The last day to register to vote is May 26,2020.

  2. All registered voters should request a paper ballot be mailed to your address in order to vote. The ballot can be mailed back to my office postmarked no later than June 23, 2020 (a returned postage paid envelope will be included) or dropped off in a secure ballot drop box located inside the courthouse and under video surveillance (this box will be in place closer to the end of May).  As a service to our community we will also offer to come outside the courthouse to meet you can receive the ballot personally.  To do this you will need to call our office to let us know you are outside and someone will come out and meet you.  This will be done at the side door on the left of the building.

  3. You can request a ballot by:Phone:

    • (606) 573-3636                        or

    • Email:    or

    • A secure online portal will be available through the State Board of Election's website in a few weeks that will require personally identifiable information.

  4. One polling location-inside the courthouse, will be open to provide an in-person, appointment option for anyone who can't vote by mail, beginning June 8 through June 23 Election Day. Please allow these appointments to be reserved for people who don't have an address or need to use our machine that is equipped for people with disabilities.

  5. Precincts will not be open on Election Day. The one polling location mentioned in item #4 above will be open on Election Day.

  6. All mailed ballots will go through a signature match for security before being counted.


Please do your part to help our community stay safe as we vote in this Primary. We also want to assure our voters that this process will be handled in a secure manner.  The goal of all involved in the election process is to complete the election with integrity and safety for all.  Contact us to receive your ballot by mail or if you have any questions.


Thank you!


Donna Hoskins, County Clerk

Additional Election Information

Beginning Monday June 8 until Monday June 22, there will be one voting machine and one handicap accessible voting station open at the Harlan County Courthouse for early voting. The times to vote are Monday - Friday from 8:30AM - 4:30PM (closed for lunch 12:30PM - 1:30PM). Voting can be done by scheduling appointments but walk in voters will be taken. Our goal is to be as accommodating to our citizens as possible and also to follow the state mandated requirements for the voting process and also social distancing requirements. So if you are coming to Harlan for a doctors appointment, to shop or do other business, feel free to stop by the courthouse to vote. Please keep in mind, if you have already requested a ballot be mailed to you, you cannot vote in person. We are only allowed to issue one ballot per registered voter and if you have one mailed to you this will prevent you voting in person.

On Election Day (June 23), there will be 6 voting machines plus multiple handicap voting stations for walk in voting at the Harlan County Courthouse.

Because of the high volume of calls we are receiving due to the election and other business the Clerks office does on a daily basis, we recommend that you email our office if possible at for questions about the election and our staff will call you as a follow up to your questions.

Finally, if you have requested and received a ballot by mail, please read and follow all instructions for voting and signing your ballot. You can mail the ballot back and as long as it is post marked June 23 or prior and reaches our office by June 27 your vote will be counted. If you would prefer to bring the ballot to the courthouse there is a secure drop box in the courthouse lobby where you can drop the ballots off. The dropbox is a adjacent to the Sheriff’s office door. If you drop off your ballot here make sure it is pushed all the way in and has dropped in the container.

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