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Mail In Absentee Voting

     Criteria to be eligible for a Mail in Absentee Ballot


  • Person who due to age, disability or illness  and will be unable to go to the polls on election day.

  • Student who’s temporarily resides outside the county in which he is registered. Must be mailed to an out-of-county address.

  • Voter who temporarily resides outside the state but who is still eligible to vote in the state. Must be mailed to an out-of-state address.

  • Person who is incarcerated and has been charged with a crime but has yet to be convicted.

  • Person whose employment location requires him to be absent from the county all hours and all days absentee voting by machine is conducted.

  • Military personnel confined to a military base on Election Day.


Who can request a Mail in Absentee Ballot for a Voter?


The only individuals that can request an Absentee Ballot for a voter are:


Voters Spouse

Voters Child

Voters Parents


The Ballot Application can be requested in person, by phone at 859-624-4703 #2 or by mail.

If the Voter is requesting the Absentee Ballot over the phone the County Clerk’s Office will mail the requesting voter the absentee application.

Only the actual voter may personally return their Absentee Ballot application.  If the Voter is unable to personally return the application to the Clerk's Office, the application must be returned by mail.

Once the completed application is recieved in the Clerk's Office, the absentee ballot and instructions for voting will be mailed to the voter.

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