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Marriage License Information

Licenses can be purchased between 8:30AM - 4:00PM;Monday - Friday

Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriages:

At approximately 1 pm Friday, June 26, 2015, our office received instructions from the State of Kentucky, for a Gender Neutral marriage license.


Requirements to obtain a Marriage License

  • Both must be 18 years old or older (if either party is under 18, see requirements below).
    • Party 1 and Party 2 must apply for the license together.

    • Both must present an acceptable form of a picture ID, such as a drivers’ license, government issued picture ID or passport.

    • The correct spelling of the father’s full name and mother’s full maiden name. (first, middle and last)

    • There is now a $50.00 fee for the license (increase effective Dec 30, 2019)


Important Information

  • There is no waiting period, blood test, or physical requirements.
    • The marriage license is valid for 30 days, including the date issued.

    • The marriage license is valid anywhere in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Steps after the Marriage Takes Place

  • The officiant will return the signed marriage application to the Harlan County Clerk's Office within 30 days of the ceremony. It will be certified by the County Clerk and filed with the State of Kentucky. The certified copy will then be mailed to the couple.
    • When changing your maiden name, you will take your certified marriage license to the Social Security Administration Office.


If Party 1 or Party 2 are under 18 there MUST be a court order to allow for the Marriage License to be issued.


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