Notary Public

Becoming a Notary


Who can become a notary? 

  • Must be eighteen (18) years old or older;
    • Must be of good moral character;

    • Must be capable of discharging duties imposed by law;

    • Must NOT be a convicted felon.


How can I become a notary?

  • An Application for Appointment for Notary State at Large must be completed and signed by the applicant.
    • In Harlan County, you must come to the Deed room to obtain this application. You must have a picture ID and sign the application prior to leaving.

    • The applicant must apply in either the county of residence or the county of primary employment. (This includes people who live in another state but work in a Kentucky county).

    • The application should be mailed to Notary Commissions, PO Box 821, Frankfort, KY 40602-0821. Include a check or money order for $10.00 made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer.

Once approved, the applicant will be notified by mail that a Certificate of Appointment has been mailed to the Harlan County Clerk's Office. The notice will indicate a thirty (30) day time period for the applicant to go to the Harlan County Clerk's Office and complete the process.

There is a $19.00 recording fee ($10.00 for recording the bond, $4.00 for taking/preparing the bond, and $5.00 for administering the oath).
The notary shall in the same court give an obligation with good security (surety bond, $1000, from an insurer licensed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky) from the proper discharge of the duties of his office. 

An insurance company may sign as surety. (Check with the insurance agency of your choice to request notary bond information.) The bond must cover the entire period of the notary appointment.