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Vehicle Registration

Need to know what you paid in vehicle taxes for 2021?  The state of Kentucky provides this information on their website at

Please arrive at the office no later than 4:15 PM with all required paperwork (including paper copy of insurance and current registration) to allow our staff time to process your transaction.  For out of state transfers you must arrive before 4:00 PM to allow time for vehicle inspection by the Sheriff's office.  If you arrive after these times or do not have all your paperwork needed you will be asked to return on the next business day to allow our staff sufficient time to process your transaction.  


– The vehicle must be currently insured with a company that is registered with the Kentucky office of Insurance. (Insurance purchased within the last 45 days may not be in our database. This will prohibit you from renewing your vehicle online.)
– If your information displayed on the screen is incorrect click “CANCEL” and contact our office.
– Expired registrations may not be renewed online.
– Past due property taxes on any other vehicles will prohibit online processing.
– Only passenger “Unbridled Spirit” plates can be renewed online.

Effective Dec 30, 2019, motorist purchasing or renewing select special license plates will be required to pay $44 fee (which includes a $10 donation fee that used to be optional).  This change impacts 29 special license plates
– Leased vehicles cannot be renewed online.
– A convenience fee of $5.00 will be charged for each registration being renewed.
– Payment may be made using Visa or MasterCard.  
A fee of $2.50 per transaction is added for the use of a Debit card.  For Credit Cards a fee of 2.75% of the amount charged is added to the transaction.

Online renewal requests are processed on the next business day. Click here to Renew Online






Disabled Parking Tags

– Any person who has lost the use of one or both legs, one or both arms or who is blind or whose ability to walk is impaired. Also any agency or organization which transports disabled persons described in KRS 186.042 as part of the service provided by the agency or organization.

– To apply you must submit a TC96-204 application to the county clerk. Upon receipt of this plate, your regular (special) issue license plate must be turned in or issued to another vehicle.

– Initial cost for Disabled Parking Tags is $21.00 with a yearly renewal cost of $21.00 (Decal expires every July 31st).

Buying or Selling

– Proof of current Kentucky liability insurance is required for all vehicles.
– Kentucky law requires a person purchasing a vehicle or moving an out-of-state vehicle into Kentucky to make application for title within 15 days.
– All titling transactions require odometer disclosure.

Forms of Identification

– Driver’s license
– Government issued photo ID card
– Passport
– Foreign voter registration card

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